ocho meses ya!

For those of you who didn't take high school Espanol, that means, "eight months already!"

Yes...my baby boy is eight months old today!  

Here are a few tidbits about Aleks:

He loves clapping!

 He isn't quite crawling yet, more like scooting!  
He loves to stick his booty up in the air!

He is a super-smiley baby...and has the most adorable dimples!

He doesn't sleep through the night anymore (not since he started teething (he has SIX teeth!) about 3.5 months ago...) but since he's so easy and happy during the day...I am able to function!  

He still loves music and perks up whenever there is music on, or if I sing to him, or he hears others singing.  

He loves to suck/chew on tags...maybe I should make him one of those taggy blankies?

He loves his jumperoo and since he loves jumping, it's hard to get him to stand still when you hold him...his legs just automatically start jumping!

He is loved and fawned over by his big brothers...the 4 year gap has proven to be not so bad...they have bonded from the very beginning!  

He coughs when he wants your attention... :)  ah-hem! look at me!  i'm so cute!  pay attention to me!

He is a total mama's boy... he cries when I turn my back and when I leave the room...but he also loves daddy and his face always lights up when he sees him!

He doesn't have another well-baby check until 9 months, but I'm guessing he's at least 20 lbs and probably about 29-30 inches by now.  He wears all 12-18 month clothing.  :)  

Love this big boy!  Wish I could freeze time and snuggle him forever.  

Is this profile not the most adorable thing?  And OH! Those fat little baby hands and fingers.  I could seriously just eat him up! 

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john + becky said...

oh I just want to squeeze him!! He is adorable and has grown up so much and so fast.

I think he is the perfect mix of Josh and Drew. And I love his dimples.