Sonya JOY: my sister

My sister Sonya came from Austin for a visit earlier this month, and it was so nice to see her again and have her here.  It was sort of a whirlwind weekend full of non-stop action!  There wasn't quite as much down-time as she was probably expecting/hoping for, with Bunco, Angel's baseball games, photoshoots, and Time Out For Women, but it was still fun, and lovely to have my sister to spend time with!  We were able to grab a quick photo with the boys...and yes, this is the BEST one of the bunch.  :)  It just shows them as they truly are!  We are excited to see her again at the end of June!

We love you Sonya!  Come unwind at the beach with us ANY TIME!


john + becky said...

That is so fun she was able to come visit! And love the picture...cutest brothers ever.

Sonya said...

Thanks Shari - you have to send me that photo, love it!