Lyme Disease really TICKS me off!

I've been campaigning for signatures on a petition to change how insurance companies will cover treatment for people with Lyme Disease for the last week or so on Facebook, Twitter and even sending emails to celebrities who also suffer from Lyme begging for their help.  


Because of this story about my cousin Justin:

Lyme disease is the 2nd fastest growing infectious disease in the world. But it gets no attention.
I showed classic signs and symptoms for 4 years. I was finally in a wheelchair before I got a correct diagnosis.
They predict it will take 4 years for me to recover to the fullest amount my body will allow.

Lyme disease mimics and can cause permanent diseases; Type 1 Diabetes, MS, ALS, CFS, IBS, CHRONS, CELIAC, FIBRO, RA, MIGRAINES, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, all of which I have been diagnosed with. 

The Center for Disease Control will not allow doctors to treat patients longer then two weeks with antibiotics for this chronic infection;  yet, they will let doctors prescribe years of antibiotics to people for acne. 

The CDC says Lyme is cured with 2 weeks of antibiotics. 

That is just a blatant lie. 

(I am getting better slowly, after months, and coming up on my first year of taking antibiotics everyday).

The disease is commonly known to be spread by a tick, but it can be spread as a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE. I know... I gave it to my wife. I try not to remind myself of that EVERY day. We had been married two years before she, my sister and my dad diagnosed me, and then she tested positive about 6 months after me.The CDC denies that it can be spread this way... like they denied AIDS was an STD in the late '70's.

I have been encouraging my friends who have been chronically ill to get tested. 9/9 have come back positive for Lyme disease! 

You can get this disease anywhere, and sometime in YOUR life, someone you know, besides me, whether closely or distantly, will suffer from this.

It is inevitable. For my age group, this is our generation's AIDS. 

Let's CHANGE this. I am fed up with all HELLTHCARE (Health care)! 

I have experienced the socialized medicine in Canada  and was losing two pounds a day to diabetes for weeks before I was taken seriously! My companion had to carry me into the ER!

Ask yourself how you would respond if someone you loved had a problem like this?
Do a good deed for the day, it ONLY takes about 2 minutes. 

1. Create an account (your name, email, and zip code)
2. Click the link sent to you in your email.
3. Sign the petition. 

Please help spread the news!  

We still need nearly 16,000 signatures by TOMORROW, February 10th.

These are the things we should be bringing awareness to. 

Click HERE to sign the petition.  THANK YOU!

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