how i feel today:




i don't write anything here for pity, so please, pretty please if you're reading this, don't pity me.  sometimes people just need to be pissed off and vent.

disappointed because felt stretched very thin yesterday and didn't feel any support

frustrated because i let that get the best of me and spoke harshly to those i love

angry because being in pain is exhausting and well feeling shitty is just SHITTY

angry because sometimes i give in and feel sorry for myself

disappointed because i let myself wallow

frustrated because i know it's stupid to wallow

disappointed because i'm not the kind of mom i want to be

frustrated because i let myself take things personally

angry because - honestly, sometimes i like to be angry-- like it's some warped way of rebelling against all the crap that i feel on a daily basis

oh.  and i'm tired.

so, so, so, so, so tired.