Happy Feet

If you've seen the movie "Happy Feet" -- you know, the one with the penguins -- then you will get a kick out of this. Long before we even saw the movie, we started saying "happy feet, happy feet" to Joshy and he'd start bouncing up and down, kind of like running in place. (Picture an 18 month old running in place...) So, then we saw the movie, and it was uncanny how alike Joshy's "happy feet" were with the penguin Mumbles. So, it's official, Joshy is "happy feet." Yesterday during the half-time show of the Super Bowl, Jakob and Josh were both running around and dancing to the music (Prince - Let's Go Crazy) and then Josh started his "happy feet" and then running in circles, stopping (almost toppling over with dizziness) and squatting down and then jumping up, only to continue running in circles again. This was HILARIOUS and I wish I had video taped it! (I will next time, I promise!)

Well, today I was teaching Joshy "happy" and "sad" by making happy and sad faces. So, I'd smile and say in happy voice, "Happy!" and then frown and stick out my bottom lip and say "sad." The first time I made the sad face, he looked like he would cry...it was so cute! Then I switched right back to "happy" and he thought that was the funniest thing! So we went back and forth with this for a little while and then moved on to other things. Tonight at dinner, I was trying to get him to show Brad his happy face and sad face. So he was very excited to smile and say "happy!" and then very quietly, and somberly he'd frown and say, "sad." It was adorable. That kid cracks me up! Not only does he have happy feet, he has a happy face to go along with them!

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