I accomplished something!

Well, even though I felt pretty hopless and unmotivated earlier today about cleaning my house, I am proud of what I did do. I cleaned the floors and the kitchen...and boy what a difference just that made! I even made a dent in the huge pile of stuff/paper/mail/etc. on my counter top! Now I just need to go through what's left tomorrow. When Brad came home he said, "The house looks great!" I said, "Well, it doesn't even feel like I did that much..." And he said, "well, it looks like you did a lot!" That made me feel good...to know that he even noticed is nice! I don't know if the chaos and disorganization affects him the same way it does me...mostly because he's not here as much as I am b/c of work. Anyway, I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and plan to work on my bedroom tomorrow! :) YAY! It IS possible to get some cleaning done when you have 3 little kids running around! (my two boys + the little boy I babysit)

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