One day at a time...

I started out this week strong and had high hopes for another successful week of eating right & exercising...but then Tuesday night got hit with some nasty upset stomach, got little sleep, and felt YUCKY all day Wednesday...and on top of that got my period.  BLAH!  So I didn't eat great (crackers, toast, soup...) and definitely didn't exercise.  But you know what?  I went to bed early, and woke up feeling SO MUCH BETTER today!

That's when I remembered the best advice ever given -- that applies to pretty much EVERYTHING...

Just take it






So, since I was feeling better today, I was ready to exercise!  It felt so good to get out and go for a walk, and of course to visit with my buddy Megan!  She suggested we start throwing in some walking lunges and squats into the mix, so we did that today and I'm pretty sure my legs will be sore tomorrow!  But it felt good.  Working hard always feels good!

I am so thankful for good friends!  I'm so thankful for a body that is able to exercise and I can't wait to get it into better shape so I can do more fun and adventurous things!